Footsteps in Prayer 

This is a year long journey of prayer through the books of the Bible from Genesis through to Revelation. Each Prayer Station is designed to last a week with seven stopping points that take you through different passages from the Bible book for the week. 

Each day 

  • The title slide helps you know you are in the right book.

  • The second slide helps you settle with a choice of music links.

  • The third slide provides a link to a piece of music chosen for the scripture of the day to begin your time of prayer.

  • This third slide then gives you a link to take you to the slide with the reading of the day.

  • The reading of the day slide has on it:

    • The reading for the day.

    • Guidance on how you may use the passage in prayer.

    • You can listen to David Suchet reading the whole of the chapter or to the context the passage is taken from by clicking the underlined link in the bible reference in the title.

    • In the final line of the guidance, there is a link to a new page with a further piece of music chosen for the day. You may wish to continue  your prayer time with this.

  • The final slides include a psalm, a passage from proverbs, a written prayer and an idea for creative prayer. 

There is a link to the Bible Project overview of the book and over the week you might also like to read the whole book of the week, or listen to John Suchet reading it on YouTube. 

The image to the right is by Karen Herrick of Harlequin Arts.